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The difference between backpack customization and mountaineering bag customization

Usually, when customers choose to customize a backpack, they don't know what type of backpack they need. It is easy to confuse the backpack with the mountaineering bag. It’s no wonder that ordinary backpacks and mountaineering bags are both shoulders. People who are not often in the luggage market are prone to illusions. In fact, when it comes to real speaking, the backpacks we generally refer to are those of business or leisure. , And the mountaineering bag is a small branch inside, specially used for mountaineering. Below we distinguish these two backpacks from two aspects.

1. Carrying system

The backpack carrying system is the top priority of the luggage. It is necessary to consider whether it conforms to the human body mechanics and the sweat-wicking and heat dissipation function design, as well as whether there is a carrying frame inside, and the backpack straps, abdominal straps, etc. need to be considered for the generous design. The waist also needs to be equipped with a waist pad to increase waist comfort. The ordinary package is simpler. Although it is considered to carry the system, it does not pay so much attention to it.

2. Internal structure

Generally, the back structure of a backpack is more complicated. For example, there are many inner pockets, such as laptops, tablets, and some pockets for signing pens. In the case of mountaineering bags, the inner structure is relatively simple because the things they carry are different, but the outer structure is more complicated, because some things need to be hung.

Mountaineering bags generally need to consider environmental factors, such as some complex areas such as mountains and forests. Therefore, the materials used in mountaineering bags need to be thick and have high-strength waterproof and wear-resistant nylon with waterproof coating, and use seamless waterproof zippers and high strength Engineering group mouth buckle. But ordinary bags are much simpler, mainly using simple and lightweight fabrics. Mountaineering bags are more rigorous than ordinary bags. After all, mountaineering bags need to challenge ups and downs during the journey, so they attach great importance to water resistance, wear resistance, and comfort.

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