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Over 25 years of experience, industry-leading clients, and multiple custom backpack and bags solutions created every single day.

With over 25 years of experience and some of the industry’s biggest clients, we know how to do custom bags, and do it well. Custom stands up zipper pouches? No problem. Unique sized crystal-clear bags? Easy. Whether you need 5,000 pieces or millions, we are here to help you. We use only the highest quality materials and printing processes, and we have some of the lowest minimum order quantities in the industry. Couple that with a top-notch customer service support staff, and you have a recipe for success.

Can you print on your bags?

Yes, we can. We can print any design and color according to your artworks or samples.

What bag will work for my liquid products?

None of our products are designed for liquid. If you are looking to package liquid, we do suggest going with a custom order and adding nylon to the packaging. Many of our customers are using this packaging for liquid products with success. Since it's not really meant for liquids, we'll send you samples so you can test it for your product.

Leak proof zippers are not available right now.

Can I order a stock bag and create my own custom printed inserts?

Yes, absolutely. You can get a bag or box from our stock products, and then we can print custom paper inserts for you. We can also do thermoform inserts or a combination of custom printed bags/boxes with any sort of insert.

Basically, if you can come up with the idea, we can work to get it executed. Contact a custom product representative via our customer service phone line or via chat.

Can I get my card bags personalized with my logo?

Yes, absolutely. We have a custom service to print your logo or any information you need onto a bag or box. Generally, a minimum order quantity is 1000 pieces. Turnaround time is 35-45 days for standard production and 5-6 weeks for express production. You can fill out a quote on our custom product page or contact our custom bags department by Email info@gzbag.com

Do you print CMYK?

If your artwork includes a photograph, we will then print CMYK.

Are your bags freezer-safe?

We do have customers that use our bags for frozen products. That being said, we encourage customers to request samples of bags that work with their products. Test the bag with the product in the freezer and see what the results are.

Typically, for long-term freezer storage, you want to find a bag with nylon added into the material. This will allow the bag to expand and contract to different temperatures and the items inside of the bag.

How do I find the right size bag for my needs?

Several methods are available. If your product is a standard photo, art, or stationery size, chances are we carry the size.  Just send the detailed size and photos for reference. If your product is an unusual size or shape try to send the artworks. If you still have problems finding the correct size please contact our friendly Customer Service Team for help.

Do you make shaped bags?

Yes, we can customize the shape of your bags. We can make almost any shape that you are looking for, but please remember that altering the shape of a bag or box could compromise the integrity of the bag (e.g., it may no longer stand up). Please talk with one of our custom bags experts to validate an idea or design that you might have.

Can I print on your exit bags?

Yes. You can print on most anything you want. Most people print a logo on the exit bag. We can accommodate most any design. The bag can be any color as can the printing. The logo can be almost any design.

Be sure to check state labeling requirements when doing custom printing. While GZBAG can ensure a high-quality printed bags, it is not responsible for compliant messaging.


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