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What do I need to take when traveling alone? What kind of bag is appropriate to carry?

If you take a child, you must prepare more replacement clothes for him. Secondly, medicines such as preventing colds, stomach troubles, mosquito bites and insect bites are also necessary. People with heart disease, asthma and other diseases should also bring your own common medicines. Finally, and most importantly: money. Approximately 150% of the budget is enough

It's best to put unused things such as clothes on the lower layer, and put medicines, paper towels, and certificates on the upper layer in turn.

Of course, if you have a mountaineering bag with double shoulders, it would be better. Therefore, the general mountaineering bag has several pockets for storing these things separately, such as clothes and infrequent sundries on the lower layer of the bag, and a camera on the upper layer. Bags, etc. The top cover of the bag is placed with medicines, tissues, etc., the two side pockets of the bag are respectively placed with certificates and other objects, plus small medicines and toiletry kits prepared for professional mountaineers, many things can be placed in different categories , So that you don’t mess around because there are too many things.

Pick a good bag No matter where you go, travel bags must be the most important travel equipment. Travel bags are divided into two types: carry type and back type. The lifting pose can relax the shoulders and get a rest. The back pose can liberate the hands, which is conducive to action. It is recommended to choose the back style. At present, most travel bags on the market use high-density nylon as the material, which has a certain degree of waterproof performance. Prices range from USD29.00 to USD79.00.

Ready to travel clothing: tourism, a tour highlight a word, that is to say lightly armed, in the warm, favorable premise for a healthy body, the less clothing, the lighter the better. Select travel clothing, should have good ventilation, less heat absorption, absorbent, dirt, washable and so on. In the spring and autumn seasons, sportswear and jeans are often used as travel clothing. Soft sportswear, jeans, good elasticity, coarse, thick, easy hiking, long distance walking, but also gives a hardness and softness, lively beauty; colorful summer clothes, but clothes still travel jacket, matching jeans as well, in Daily clothes are the most convenient way to visit the city. In winter, due to the large temperature difference between the north and the south, there is a big difference in clothing. Tourists often have to bring a lot of clothes when traveling between the north and the south, which is very inconvenient.

Some experienced travelers, many of the tactics change clothes: the north to the south, wearing a knitted wool sweater in the boarding, overcoats, on the train, the coat back by their families; the south to the north, you can take the coat , Wear it when you go out, and you can take it off when you enter the hotel.

Best to wear shoes when traveling. Shoes having breathable, abrasion, light, soft, etc., and is conducive to long-distance hiking walking.

With a big scarf, if sudden cold weather, can play no deduction form blouses worn when traveling.

What should I do if it rains when traveling with children? It is convenient to cut into a cloak with a plastic bag.

When the conditions are not available to take a shower, a large plastic bag can be filled with water, and it is hoisted to form a simple shower device.

If you want to wear the shirt immediately after washing, you can put the wet clothes in a large plastic bag and blow hot air into the bag. The clothes will dry quickly.

Put the meltable chocolate, candy and frozen juice together in summer to avoid melting.

When taking a bath in the hot spring, do not bring gold and silver jewelry, so as not to be blackened by sulfur oxidation.

When dust or foreign matter enters the eyes, close your eyes first, and then use your tongue to press the inside of the cheek on the side of the eye with the foreign matter. The dust will easily flow out with tears.

Clothing: Dress lightly, generously and comfortably when traveling. Clothes and pants should not be too wide or narrow, so as not to affect walking.

In summer travel, due to the large temperature difference between morning and evening, in addition to bringing a change of clothes, it is best to bring a jacket or sweater;

During winter travel, you must bring sweaters, cotton-padded clothes, hoods, etc. It is not advisable to wear undershirts, vests, and underwear such as chemical fibers during travel. Because of its poor air permeability, it is easy to stick to the body after sweating, which is very uncomfortable. Nylon underwear can also irritate the skin and cause a variety of skin diseases.

The color of clothing must be exquisite. Dark clothes should not be worn in summer. The order of absorbing radiant heat from weak to strong is white, earthy yellow, beige, green, red, blue, and black.

In order to reduce direct exposure to the head in the hot sun, summer travel should bring a straw hat or white sun hat. Also need to bring a light raincoat or folding umbrella.

Travel shoes should be light, breathable and non-slip. Cloth shoes are the best for walking, and rubber-soled shoes are the best for climbing. Please do not wear new leather shoes, hard-soled shoes, and high-heeled shoes.

Please do not climb, jump, or grab the car without stopping; when riding, do not stick out the window with your head and grab the handrail at any time; the driver should be vigilant, check the car condition in advance, troubleshoot and follow Traffic rules to ensure travel safety.

ID cards, passports, and solar oil to prevent sunburn, especially in summer, it is easy to peel off when you are outside all day.

Consult the country’s immigration department before taking medicines out of the country. Some medicines (even cold medicines) are prohibited from entering the country because they contain illegal ingredients that the country considers. Pay attention to cash restrictions when you bring cash.

Telephone number: emergency number, Consumer Council complaint number, traffic consultation number (such as call taxi, bus route consultation, airport, etc.) Also pay attention to the local temperature and prepare your clothes.

Should carry a backpack, be sure to free both hands for convenience. Introduce a travel bag, very light and thin material, almost weightless, and can be folded into a small bag. I brought this bag when I traveled last time. The key is that the bag itself has no weight, which is really rare. How to describe it, it is the weight of the plastic bag, the material of the rainproof windbreaker, and the storage of the folding umbrella.


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